Become GDPR compliant.

Whether you are an expert or not, GDPR compliance can become a nightmare that costs you time and money. Having honest and compliant privacy notices is your first step.

Check your compliance

Qualitative and user-friendly compliance.

Admeet, your new GDPR platform, caring for transparency.

Create lawyer-grade privacy notices. Effortless.

Today, any company has the obligation to demonstrate its compliance with applicable European privacy legislations: GDPR and ePrivacy. Made in Europe, Admeet is a web application to help you craft compliant privacy and cookie notices as well as cookie consent banners. The solution is currently available in France and Belgium in three languages.

Build trust, with a lawyer-grade compliance solution.

Designed by privacy experts

Our experts keep the platform up to date with the latest guidelines and case laws.

Tailor made

Adapted to your specific needs.

Easy and user-friendly

Easy to use even if you are not an expert.

Smooth integration

Easy to integrate on your website.

Always up to date

Update your policies easily with no technical intervention.

Increased productivity

All your policies in one place.

  • 1

    Create your policies

    • Select your country (FR, BE).
    • Select the languages of your policies (FR, EN, NL).
    • Tell us about your data processing activities, our algorithm takes care of the rest.
    • Automatically scan your website and encode your cookies.
  • 2

    Match with your brand identity

    • Customise your privacy notices and cookie consent banner with your brand colours and identity.
    • Choose your cookie consent banner location.
  • 3

    Preview and publish your policies

    • Review the content of your privacy notices.
    • Go back and make changes when needed.
    • When happy confirm and publish your policies.
  • 4

    Integrate your policies

    • Copy and paste the link to your policies.
    • Integrate easily your policies and cookie consent banner on your website.
  • 5

    Update with ease

    • Keep track of your versions.
    • Update your policies in a few clicks.
    • Easily manage versions and archives.
  • 6

    Monitor multiple policies

    • Manage multiple websites, all in one place.
    • Manage all your policies with one single account.

Represent your brand

We believe that legal content needs to reflect your brand identity. And, even more, it helps you communicate your values of respect and transparency among others.

Turn privacy into a competitive advantage!

Embrace legal tech

Get access to a highly qualitative tech product designed and continously updated by privacy lawyers and experts. Increase your productivity with a fully digital tool, in line with your clients' needs.

Integrate smoothly

Notices are built to be easily integrated into all digital platforms and products, whether you need them for a website or an e-shop.

Proud of our privacy notices.

Check them out.

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