Consent Management Platform

Admeet solutions enable you to obtain valid consent from your users via our banners and to store proof of cookie consent in the event of a control or complaint.

Why choose Admeet?

Our cookie banners always come with a database of proofs of consent to ensure your website’s compliance. Our banners have no dark patterns to ensure valid user consent.

Custom cookie banner

Integrated scan and cookie database to keep you up to date

Adapted to your corporate identity

Easy to set up and integrate

Multi-lingual and responsive banners

Real-time banner interaction statistics

Cookie consent evidence base

Easy updating

Custom cookie banner

Our banners are customisable and automatically adapt to the cookie families you have on your website.

Our lawyers have pre-encoded for you the texts relating to the different families of cookies, based on the recommendations of the data protection authorities.

Integrated cookie scan to keep you up to date

Admeet is linked to a comprehensive database of cookies validated by our experts, which means that by scanning your website, your cookies will be easily identifiable by Admeet.

Customised to your image

With Admeet, you can customise your cookie consent banner with your brand colours. And you can also choose its location.

Easy to set up and integrate

To generate your banner, simply scan your website and encode the cookies. It’s that easy!

Admeet cookie banners are designed for easy integration into all digital platforms and products: website, online store, etc.

Easy updating

Have you installed a new cookie on your website and need to update your banner? No problem, Admeet allows you to update your banner in just a few clicks, and will automatically display the latest version of your banner and its associated cookie policy.

Multi-lingual and responsive banners

Our banners are responsive, automatically adapting to users’ terminals (PC, mobile, tablet) and languages.

Cookie consent evidence base

In the event of control by the authorities or a user request, you must be able to prove that you have obtained valid consent from a visitor. In the Admeet application, all cookie consents are stored in a database, which you can access at any time.

Interaction statistics

Because we know how important it is to analyse user interactions on your banners, Admeet provides you with detailed statistics to better understand your opt-in and opt-out rates on your various cookie families. However, this data is always anonymous, and Admeet does not collect any personal data from your databases.

Design principles without dark patterns to collect valid consent

Admeet, your GDPR companion

Creation of GDPR legal notices and cookie banners

Cookie consent management

Integration, getting started, additional support

Steps to make your website GDPR compliant