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Privacy policy

The most important mandatory GDPR information document for your website.

Why choose Admeet ?

Unlike some solutions that only provide templates, Admeet’s Legal Tech algorithm enables you to generate your privacy policy in a web version that is unique to your organisation, customised according to context and specific to your processing activities. Admeet offers you dynamic legal updates in line with applicable legislative changes.

Unique and adapted to your industry

Covers all external data processing activities, not just those on your website

Quick and easy to create and integrate into your website, even for non-experts

Facilitate users understanding with Legal Design

Customisable to your brand identity

Multilingual translated clauses into 6 languages

A Legal Tech application constantly updated by our legal team

Update and archive your documents easily in the event of a control

Unique and adapted to your industry

Because every organisation is unique, the Admeet algorithm generates a custom document for your organisation, adapted to your data collection activities, including all the information required by european data protection laws.

Admeet also adapts to your business sector. Our lawyers have pre-encoded for you the main data processing activities specific to your industry, based on the recommendations (industry guidelines) of data protection authorities. Find out more about our GDPR solution for SMB websites.

Covers all external data processing activities

Making your website compliant doesn’t stop at a compliant cookie banner, which you can manage using our cookie banner generator tool. You also have the obligation to inform your internet visitors with a compliant and up-to-date privacy policy.

Our privacy policy generator covers all your organisation’s external data processing, as required by the GDPR, not just those on your website. Our solution designed by our GDPR experts follows the G29 guidelines on transparency.

Find out more about our consent management platform.

Quick and easy to create and integrate into your website

Our GDPR tool makes it easy to generate all the legal documents you need to ensure your website is compliant. Simply answer the questions, select the desired languages and our Legal Tech algorithm will do the rest.

The privacy policy generated automatically by our GDPR solution has been designed to be easily integrated into all digital platforms and products to ensure GDPR compliance for e-commerce online shops, medium-sized or small business websites, etc.

Clear and easy to understand legal documents

With Legal Design, legal documents become human centric with clearer presentation and easy to understand language. User-friendly navigation allows your website users to find information easily.

Customisable to your brand identity

With Admeet, you can customise your privacy policy to match your brand’s corporate identity.


Our hundreds of clauses, drafted by our legal experts, are available in several languages. So there’s no need to have your documents translated – Admeet does it for you!

Constantly updated by our legal team

Admeet is an essential tool for all sectors of activity, including a DPO tool, for Data Protection Officers, and is constantly updated by our team of GDPR experts and personal data protection lawyers.

Update and archive your documents easily

Need to make a change? Update your policies and your cookies banners in a snap and easily manage document versions. No need for additional technical intervention, Admeet always displays the latest version of your documents on the website.

In case of control or audit, Admeet archives all document versions, which can be accessed at any time.

Admeet, your GDPR companion

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