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Cookie policy

At Admeet, our banners always come with a cookie policy to ensure your website compliance.

Why choose Admeet ?

A cookie banner must always come with a cookie policy. This legal document is part of your privacy policy and is mandatory whenever you use cookies and similar technologies on your website.

Unique and adapted to your organisation

Save time and money

Integrated cookie scan and database

Integrated with your Admeet cookie banner

Multilingual translated clauses into 6 languages

Facilitate users understanding with Legal Design

Customisable to your brand identity

Update in a snap

Unique and adapted to your organisation

Our legal experts have pre-encoded all the mandatory clauses of a cookie policy for you. Our cookie database makes it easy for you to create your document with all the required mandatory information.

Save time and money

Your cookie policy is integrated into your banner. As soon as you update your banner with a new cookie, the cookie policy is automatically updated without the need of any additional technical or legal intervention.

Integrated cookie scan and database

Admeet provides an integrated cookie database, which means that by scanning your website, your cookies will be easily identifiable by Admeet.

Created in a few clicks with your banner

A cookie policy is always integrated into the cookie banner. Once the banner has been created, you can generate the policy with just a few clicks.


Our hundreds of clauses, drafted by our legal experts, are available in several languages. No need to have your documents translated – Admeet does it for you!

Clear, easy-to-understand web documents

With Legal Design, legal documents become human centric with clearer presentation and easy to understand language. User-friendly navigation allows your website users to find information easily.

Customisable to your brand identity

With Admeet, you can customise your cookie policy and your cookie consent banner with your brand colours. And you can also choose where you want the cookie banner to be displayed on your website.

Why is transparency so important?

Admeet, your GDPR companion

Creation of GDPR legal notices and cookie banners

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