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Simplify your website’s GDPR compliance with Admeet, your all-in-one application, designed by GDPR experts.

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Admeet: The complete “all-in-one” application

Easily manage your website’s GDPR compliance with Admeet.

Your tailor-made privacy policies and the management of cookie consents on the same app.

Build trust by respecting your customers’ preferences.

Developed in Europe and designed by GDPR experts, Admeet is a web application that allows you to create compliant privacy policies, cookie policies and cookie banners, customised and adapted to each sector.

Having clear, universally understandable GDPR information notices on your website means being transparent with your website visitors and protecting their personal data.

Save time with a solution that’s easy to use, even for non-experts.

Make your website compliant with Admeet. Avoid penalties in the event of a user complaint or control by your data protection authority.

Designed by data protection experts

The platform is continuously kept up-to-date.

User-friendly & tailor-made

Personalised to your specific needs and brand identity.


A precious gain of time and money compared to traditional methods.

Build trust

Strengthen your brand image with GDPR privacy notices that are visually appealing and easy to understand by all.

Benefit from new Legal Tech technologies

No need to hire a lawyer for your GDPR legal documents. Our intelligent algorithms create unique, customised documents tailored to your organisation.

Designed for your business

DPO and privacy professionals

Increase your work productivity and optimise your case management with our lawyer-grade GDPR and ePrivacy compliance solution.

Web agencies

Add smart value to your projects with an easy, cost-effective GDPR and ePrivacy compliance solution. Build up engagement and reassure your clients.

Companies and organisations

Whether you’re a business, e-commerce site, educational institution or real estate agency, meet your GDPR and ePrivacy transparency obligations with an affordable, easy-to-use solution, even if you’re not an expert.

Our customers work in different types of businesses.

Eric is a partner in a European law firm

Admeet is powered by legal experts like me and allows the creation of highly customised privacy notices. Admeet offers a valuable gain of time compared to traditional methods, with hundreds of pre-encoded legal clauses and the ability to create multilingual policies. It feels great to use a highly qualitative legal tech solution adapted to the digital world.

Aurélie runs her online shop

With Admeet, I was able to make my online shop GDPR and ePrivacy compliant. Building my privacy and cookie policies was quick and easy. The result is nicely designed, in line with my brand identity and clear to understand. I finally found the perfect privacy solution to create trust with my customers.

Elliot manages a web agency

With Admeet, I am able to offer a lawyer-grade, cost-effective GDPR privacy policies solution to my clients. I love being able to manage all of my clients’ multilangual privacy and cookie policies in one place and increase my productivity. In addition, I can build higher customer loyalty and include privacy compliance in my maintenance contracts.

Proud of our privacy notices created with Admeet! Check them out.

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