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Discover Admeet, your GDPR companion

Admeet, founded in 2018 in Europe, is a Legal Tech startup dedicated to developing innovative solutions on personal data protection. Our mission is to enable people to be better informed when collecting their personal data online and promote a fair balance between the rights of individuals and the needs of organisations.

Our role is to help organisations make their websites GDPR compliant. Our solution generates the legally required GDPR documents in Legal Design. First of all, the privacy policy, which is the most important GDPR document on your website. It must cover all external data collection by your organisation, not just data collected via the website. Admeet’s Legal Tech algorithm enables you to generate your privacy policy in a web version that is unique to your organisation, customised according to context and specific to your processing activities. Secondly, the cookie policy: this legal document forms part of your privacy policy and is mandatory whenever you use cookies and similar technologies on your website. The cookie banner must always be accompanied by a cookie policy.

Finally, our Consent Management Platform 360° enables you to obtain valid consent from your users via our cookie banners and to store proof of cookie consent for each user anonymously. This will help you avoid penalties in the event of a user complaint or inspection by the authorities.

Our solution adapts to every sector of activity: whether you are an SME with a showcase site, an e-commerce site, a web agency, a DPO or law firm, a real estate agency or an educational establishment, our legal experts have pre-encoded the purposes of processing for each sector. Our GDPR documents are therefore tailor-made and of the highest quality.

Be transparent with your web users and protect their personal data with Admeet.