On March the 9th, the Belgian Data Protection Authority (DPA), together with its partners VUB, UNamur and KU Leuven, organised the webinar “La protection des données : j’en fais mon affaire !“.


The objective of this webinar is to provide SMEs with practical information on some of the difficulties they are facing in the implementation of the GDPR rules and to show them some existing tools.


Not only an introductory plenary session, the webinar also included a number of thematic sessions:

  • the meaning of the concept of transparency;
  • the interpretation of the concepts of data processor and data controller to more specific issues such as direct marketing or human resources;
  • how to start a “record of processing activities“.


During the webinar, the participants (more than 700 registrations, with always between 350 and 500 active participants) could meet with each other and with the speakers for a more individual conversation.


The powerpoint presentations of the speakers (who have given their consent in this respect) have already been made available via the Authority’s website.


The videos of the webinar can be found on the DPA’s Youtube page at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1nIEjcm_I2YgQcXZIjRMmwr1c1-GFM9M