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Caring about privacy. Truly. With Admeet

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In today’s world, we all have a digital identity.

Through each of our interactions, we leave marks without noticing.

Next, our personal data can be used for commercial purposes.

In this context, how can organisations build trust when collecting data?

Providing fair information to individuals before capturing any personal data, is surely a good start.

Transparency is your first step towards GDPR compliance. And to avoid legal trouble.

But in practice, implementing these legal rules can become a nightmare.

It requires deep legal and technical expertise and being up to date with the latest official guidelines.

In short, complexity that costs you time and money.

We care too, so we have created Admeet, your GDPR companion, bringing transparency to all.

Admeet is a smart, lawyer-grade web application, designed by privacy experts. 

It guides you step by step in creating highly customised cookie and privacy notices, as well as cookie banner reflecting your brand identity. And the cookie consent management platform to prove your users’ valid consents.

Your fast and reliable privacy solution, easy to use by everyone.

Embrace transparency, join Admeet.

Admeet, Caring about privacy. Truly.